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CashNuke and Pragma-Group Updated

Five minutes after sending the email to Admin, wondering why I don´t have any profit in my account, I got the answer, that would only be credited with my earnings at the end of my investment plans, or in my case 10 days from now one.
So I not advise to invest in this hyip, who despite being relatively well equipped, has an admin, not very careful with his business. So as soon I got my investment, I will close the account immediately.

On the opposite side, as I had experience of having to communicate with the support of Pragma-Hyip Group, and I must say that I found in 5 star or concern for the practical implementation of a rescue that was not being fair by a bug in some accounts, and my one. I received several emails quickly, and aims at solving the problem. I think I hit this well in terms of ensuring a good return.


This is just bad luck. Everything went smoothly, when the day after my investment, the admin failed to pay, or at least detected more a case like mine. The admin is always impossible to decipher. And my plan that I thought the evidence of those scams, shuddered at the speed of this scam is not guaranteed. However, I’m prepared for that event, and this is why strengthening the idea that we must never forget the admin. In this case I forgot, and it was this detail that I missed the methodology. A detail to improve.

CashNuke (No lost, No Profit)

BALANCE: Principal YES, Profit NO

This Result is only possible, because I opened a dispute with CashNuke on my AlertPay account, and they were able to recover my Principal. Thanks AlertPay, again. A small but very important detail.


Hello everyone. I hope you followed my suggestion not to reinvest again in because it may happen exactly the same as with TeddyBearDream. True, there may be cases with earnings, but the risk is still very high and it is important to keep to a minimum the risk of losing investment. They all return with new projects, to scam we all investors, because this is a real Gold Mine. So, solution, is catch the train early, and go out on first stop.

My bets
So far, nothing has yet emerged that I think is acceptable to risk, not the quality of the site, these are about 3 or 4 good, but the greed of the Admin, I do not know what level is situated. So I will remain vigilant, to the arrival of new promising. Whenever possible follow me on this blog, or subscribe to my posts because, as I said, in Low-Roi count the days to define our profit or loss but in the High-Roi, which are the second count, the come earlier, have greater chances of succeeding.

About FruitInvest Reviews

Hi all. The most famous monitor (avoid him) and some others big blogs made yesterday an review about Fruitinvest hyip. My advise is DO NOT REINVEST IN THIS GAME. Bye.

Tomorrow will start my search for a new round of betting. Already know that this is a game is nothing more than a game. My focus will, of course on the organizational form of the site and plans attached. If investments in HYIPs day count all the difference in this High Roi Investments is the seconds that are crucial to invest, resulting in gain or lose. Saw that the second round of investment, TeddyBearDream many investors lost their investments. See image below. and see what is I’m talking about.

Even if the admin seems very interested and participating in the development of his hyip, is only to present his willingness to steal as much as possible giving greater confidence to investors and want to reinvest their earnings “just one more time.”

In this game of cat and mouse, there is no opportunity for “one more time.”

Despite following this type of investment with discipline not mean I can not be picked up suddenly for some scam miscalculated, but a detailed analysis helps to reduce by 50-60% the possibilities of scam, help. The other 40% rests with the admin.

This next week I’ll close HYC investments, with a nice profit about 220% total, not bad. I know, are some bloggers that say that they are very trustable and very active on they hyip defense.
About this I just want to say that we must act always strict by the plan.
Imagine you are a train, LOL, and your plan are respective hills. While walking in line, more unlikely to derail. If this happens, well, your plan need some adjustments.

So, during afternoon I’ll post my three best bids. I’ll invest just if there is more them 7 GOODS, otherwise, pass the game, and wait for another bus, LOL.



In response to my email to the admin expertmoney, just got my banner link to promote this hyip. So I conclude that lack passion or interest in defending its image, adding that the fact that it ENOM (despite telling me that it is mere coincidence), it puts me more carefully about how to invest here. However I will dig more and insist to get a response. If I have not any response about some questions I intend to post them, I’ll step to another, because in my view a good hyip divided thus:

40% for a well structured hyip,
60% for the passion that the Admin should have with his hyip.


Next Round on BetsCafé

Hi guys. I hope we all taste our profit on Teddy, so now my first bets will arrive on next saturday at evening with another top three on my table bets. From now one is very risked to invest on teddy. Bye.

BETS CAFÉ 1 (in Profit)
BALANCE: Principal YES, Profit YES


As name say, is like a casino, so from now on BETS CAFE, I’ll put here available High ROI Hyips which I consider better from all I’ve seen on Hyipbanker and goldpoll, with my analysis for each one, as the result. This research will always be applied in high-ROI HYIPs up to 1 day old. So if you do not find here, because neither is worth the look. Low in the roi will be more spacing and up to 10 days of life

Hyip name:
Kind Plans:
Dedicated Server:
Data Base:
Life Days:
Phone number, Address and Map to acess:
Admin Passion:

I have 3 new for today at night, so if you intend to start invest on High Roi, just check if is it here and invest if you want, but remeber.

Just on pick, because they are all scam, but this ones are the worst scamms, play your bets, and jump out to taste the profit

My list of “Best Tools for HYIPs” is almost finished and so I think this week put it available. Bye.