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June 14, 2010

As you may have noticed, I’m in a new phase, or at worst, at last, after almost two years started in this world of investments. During my journey I saw many people strive and lose their savings by investing in this market. Conclusion, my initial investment of $ 300 with which I began, came to Ainge the $ 700, and took me to the end of this time, again to a level low enough at around $ 70, after the fall of so many HYIPs, which already can not even enumerate them.
Great conclusion, the whole market is scam. I’ve read that the percentage of scams is 98%. For me is 100%, no doubt. The only diference between short, medium and long terms, is that it you will be stolen much later. Many of the concepts has now establishments are being rocked, after successive falls of several HYIPs investments. Okay, go ahead as long as possible is my motto.
What follows, then? I Decided to change the game, and now only want to bet on short terms. Casino, by casino, let it. The concept is the same as in long terms, with slight differences. The scams are all here anyway, Very aggressive and often no chance to recover your investment.
So it is fundamental that if you’re interested, you know it should only use AlertPay for this type of investment, as they are currently the only one who can recover your investment if it is stolen. The only condition for this to happen is that there should be plans in less than 30 days, and can not be profitable at the time the steal.

So my target is going to fall on:

Must use: Alertpay, and 2 more
Must have: DDS, SSL FORCED, DDoS and DS
Min Lifetime 1 day
Kind plans: More than 3 plans
Check feedback: Forum TG MMG and DTM
Note: on forums, TG, MMG and DTM, yous should only see 2 pages max. with good feedback from Really investors and withdraws maden.
Analysis: Design banner and with Q
What we can know: Mail Admin
This may be my last move in this type of investment, or a new door that opens. If you have patience to finish, life goes on. On the other hand is able to recover the losses, well traveled and knowledgeable, can be a way.
Where good investment opportunities arise put online here, with my plan for investment.

Remember that the rule is and not get caught. Do several times ever in a sustained, apart from the profits to create a support fund.

Well I’m here. Briefly, in the next two days, or even tomorrow, put a good chance that I’m waiting.

Good Luck to all.

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